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who are we
Artisans in R&D, industrialists in production, talking about our water treatment and purification systems is talking about people and family, commitment to the environment and planet, quality and innovation, technology and engineering, goals and efficiency, in short... talking about our water treatment solutions is talking about the future and progress.
What we offer you
We help industrial and commercial clients solve their water and wastewater treatment problems, while maintaining compliance with ever-changing government regulations and the impacts of water scarcity. We help municipal, governmental and non-governmental clients address the challenges of drinking water and wastewater through emerging water contaminants and water scarcity.
Improving water management
For a more sustainable future Rabwa Misr Environmental Engineering has a rich history in providing sustainable solutions for water, wastewater, industrial and reuse, now.. We are leading the industry into the future by providing high quality, cost-effective and low-impact treatment solutions where they are required.
Complete solutions in water, power and drilling, we manage the entire project from start to finish, we design and manufacture our own equipment under strict quality guidelines, throughout the process.. we monitor every stage to achieve excellence in every product, we are one of the companies with more personality and innovative profession In the market, and over more than ten years we have gained an important presence.

Innovative and technology-based services

We use our deep knowledge and understanding of water, combined with science and technology, to design a sustainable solution just for you

Large wastewater treatment plants

We provide smart solutions for water, wastewater and sludge treatment based on pre-engineered and prefabricated plants ideal for municipal and industrial applications.
We provide smart solutions for water, wastewater and sludge treatment based on pre-engineered and prefabricated plants ideal for municipal and industrial applications.
Our company is an experienced designer and manufacturer of high-performance wastewater treatment plants and high-quality treatment equipment and units.
We specialize in the design, engineering and manufacture of advanced packaged and modular plants for water, wastewater and sludge treatment covering a wide range of capacities for the municipal and industrial sector.
We can offer a very flexible range of solutions, from the complete facility (design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning supervision) to simply supplying specialist products and services.
Rabwa Egypt Environmental Engineering is a one-stop shop for a full range of products and services, including standard packaged plants and specialized processing equipment for municipalities and industries.
The extensive experience and great know-how of our expert engineers and technicians allows us to provide optimal solutions to our customers. This ability, combined with the manufacturing of innovative packaged systems, places Rabwa Egypt Environmental Engineering among the leading companies in the field of packaged wastewater treatment plants.


Restore treated wastewater to a safe and sanitary level so that it can be reused in a variety of applications (farmland irrigation, industrial process water, recharging aquifers, replenishing river flow, etc.)
The ever-increasing demand for clean water supplies has negatively impacted the availability of water resources globally, and there is a need to effectively protect and conserve our water resources.
All of these prevailing environmental challenges emphasize more than ever the necessity of working efficiently and effectively in order to ensure a better quality of life for future generations.
Al Rabwa Egypt Environmental Engineering and Contracting is dedicated to serving this purpose and uses effective and advanced wastewater technologies to a level that can produce treated water so that it can be reused.

Industrial wastewater treatment plants

We design and install industrial wastewater treatment plants in order to obtain the best possible results environmentally and economically.
We offer a wide range of technologies for pre- and post-treatment of water, and the preference for this or that technology depends on the circumstances of each individual case, after the analysis conducted by Al-Rabwa Egypt Environmental Engineering and Contracting Company and supported by its long history.
Al-Rabwa Misr Environmental Engineering Company provides comprehensive and integrated solutions to various industries ranging from automobiles, textiles, pharmaceuticals, electronics, food and beverages to power plants, refineries, fertilizers, steel plants and many more.
Our solutions add value across the entire water cycle – in terms of supply, quantity, quality and discharge.
We effectively address the water and environmental concerns of our clients by integrating water conservation, pollution control, energy saving, chemical consumption reduction, solid waste management through waste-to-energy projects and air protection. Additionally, our high-performance specialty chemicals enhance process efficiency and value.
Our comprehensive solutions capability and comprehensive knowledge of our customers' processes and needs enable our industry-specific segments to deliver requirements-specific solutions.
We are also able to measure the evolving challenges and needs of our customers, and develop innovative solutions to meet them. In addition, we provide 24/7 support ensuring continued high performance.
Connect with our industry experts for customized solutions.

Tailored solutions and expertise for each industry

Al Rabwa Egypt Environmental Engineering Company tailors its expertise to the needs of its clients, combining our knowledge of regulations with our commitment to helping industrial clients reduce their environmental footprint. We provide solutions for all types of industrial wastewater including:
- Treatment using a combination of thermal, physical, chemical, biological and membrane techniques
- Recovering materials found in wastewater (rare metals and others).
- Reuse of treated wastewater on site or for other applications (watering nearby green spaces, etc.).

What are the benefits to you as an industrialist?
-You adhere to the regulations.
-You can reduce your environmental footprint.
- You can recover materials from your wastewater.

Industrial and commercial water filters and purification plants

Al Rabwa Misr Environmental Engineering Company has over 20 years of experience as a supplier of first-class seawater desalination plants in a variety of industries and applications. We offer a selection of industrial and commercial seawater desalination plants designed to meet your desalination needs.
Rabwa Egypt Environmental Engineering also provides brackish water filtration stations that are designed to be cost-effective and highly efficient during operations, and these stations are ensured to comply with all customer requirements and specifications.
Rabwa Misr Environmental Engineering builds industrial and commercial nanofiltration plants to remove unwanted impurities from water. Our NF systems ensure the production of clean, drinkable water for any type of application in the water treatment industry. Check out our selection of nanofiltration systems for commercial establishments and industrial facilities to meet your needs. In water treatment.
We also design UF ultrafiltration plants designed to reliably remove suspended solids, turbidity, bacteria, pathogens and viruses from water. These systems are designed to be economical, compact and able to allow for reduced conductivity and increased solids loading. UF membranes ensure maximum filtration performance with high flow, including This includes the system's resistance to chemicals and high tolerance to changing temperatures.
Al Rabwa Egypt Environmental Engineering Company designs and implements containerized water treatment plants
For various applications in the industry, our team offers a wide range of different water treatment systems that are converted into mobile units to meet your industrial and commercial needs. Check out our comprehensive list of containerized equipment to see which unit best suits your needs.

Water Media Filters | Industrial and commercial

Water media filters are most efficiently used during processes that require the removal of large amounts of suspended solids in water. Our media filters have continued to be major players in maintaining high water quality throughout the world's ecosystem by filtering harmful substances in rivers, lakes, streams, wells, etc.
Al Rabwa Misr Environmental Engineering and Contracting Company has experience as a provider of water media filters to improve problems of low water quality resulting from high levels of suspended solids, sediments, turbidity, iron, odors and unwanted taste from the water. Our water filtration systems are designed to meet customer requirements and specifications.

Continuously innovate and build industry

leading brands - providing integrated customer-centric service and issuing targeted design plans, drawings and configurations according to different customer needs.

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Wastewater treatment plants
Using MBBR technology

AlRabwa Egypt For Environmental Engineering & Contracting Company presented a wastewater treatment solution based on MBBR technology (Moving Bed Bioreactor Technology) manufactured in 20 and 40 feet sea containers.
The moving bed technology is based on the growth of biomass in plastic supports (holders) that move inside the biological reactor by stirring resulting from aeration systems (aerobic reactors) or by mechanical stirring systems (in anaerobic or anaerobic reactors). The stands are made of recycled plastic material. Recycled to a density close to 1 g/cm3; This allows them to move easily in the reactor even at a 70% fill ratio.

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Smart solutions that are packaged and portable
For municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities

For wastewater treatment in small and medium decentralized facilities, Rabwa Egypt Environmental Engineering & Contracting offers its smart and portable solutions, using compact, pre-designed and prefabricated units in container form or mounted on sliding platforms.
For larger wastewater treatment facilities, we apply a modular package (where all equipment, treatment units and control rooms are in a packaged form) while the bioreactors and tanks are locally built in reinforced concrete or other system that is assembled on site (glass lined). Bolted tanks, GRP panel mounted tanks, etc.)

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Containerized - mobile desalination plants

AlRabwa Egypt For Environmental Engineering & Contracting designs containerized purification plants with collaborative solutions that help streamline the process. Mobility, durability and protection are important features that we make sure to incorporate into our mobile water treatment systems, which also help reduce costs in the long run.
Eliminate the hassle of large-scale desalination plants using containerized water treatment systems, by choosing pre-designed, unit-sized plants, fully assembled in standard 20ft and 40ft containers with a 10ft option as well .The complexity and construction of building water filtration systems is no longer necessary. Water treatment systems are shipped in containers to where potable water is needed, and through a short training session, commissioned workers are ready to monitor the systems to produce high-quality potable water within days of Delivery.

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DAF dissolved air flotation systems

The equipment commonly called DAF is widely used in industry due to its practicality and high efficiency for removing oils, hydrocarbons, total suspended solids and emulsified or non-existent fats in effluent.
Dissolved air flotation from Al Rabwa Egypt Environmental Engineering and Contracting Company is an innovation combined with the traditional dissolved air flotation concept and modern technology.Flotation equipment can be made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP), carbon steel, or stainless steel (most common).
Likewise, the shape can be rectangular or circular depending on the flow rate or space available, floating materials are extracted by surface scraper and settled solids are removed by hopper or screw.
Equipment can be ordered with pre-dosed chemicals to increase BOD removal by up to 80% and fat and oil removal by up to 95%. The equipment is delivered with power panel, control, instrumentation and start-up service.

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Wastewater treatment plants
Using SBR technology

AlRabwa Egypt For Environmental Engineering & Contracting Company offers a wastewater treatment solution based on SBR (Sequence Batch Reactor) technology manufactured in 20 and 40 feet sea containers.
The sequential batch reactor (SBR) is similar to an activated sludge treatment system whose operation is based on a sequence of filling and emptying cycles. The decontamination processes are similar to the conventional activated sludge process, as both systems contain aeration, sedimentation and filtration processes. The difference is that while in conventional activated sludge, the The processes are in two different stages (aeration in the bioreactor and clarification/filtering in the secondary flask), in SBR all processes are done in the same stage/tank.

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Wastewater treatment plants
Using MBR technology

AlRabwa Egypt For Environmental Engineering & Contracting Company offers a wastewater treatment solution based on MBR (membrane bioreactor) technology manufactured in 20 and 40 feet marine containers.
Membrane technologies are wastewater treatment processes in which membranes are used as filtration elements. These membranes allow water to pass through them while retaining suspended solids and other materials. Membrane bioreactors (MBRs) combine biological processes with membrane technology as an activated sludge treatment, replacing the flask. The secondary system is used to separate solids and liquids using membranes.



1 million 300




The modern and standardized factory is strictly subject to ISO:9001:2008. Quality control system, with competitive factory price.


A year of innovation

Our team has over 30 years of experience in water, wastewater, sludge treatment and sludge management projects around the world.

Pre-sales services

We help customers select the right models to meet performance expectations and budget constraints.
We support customers in their selection of appropriate polymers when submitting a sludge sample.
We will provide a basic plan of our equipment for free, in order to help customers design their projects, even in the early stages.
We participate in discussing blueprints, product specifications, manufacturing standards, and product quality, and we talk back and forth with our customers' technology departments.

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Internal sales service

We will modify equipment control cabinets according to site requirements.
We will control, communicate and guarantee the delivery lead time.
We welcome customers to visit our website to inspect their products before delivery.
We provide customization services on all material and graphic requirements provided by our clients, clients can also request to put their brand name on our products.
All products strictly comply with industrial standards, in addition to the standards specified by the Egyptian Ministry of Industry.

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After sales service

We provide free warranty service for all spare parts, except wearable parts, as long as the damage is caused by quality problems under normal transportation, storage, use and maintenance conditions.
We or our local partners will provide installation instructions and commissioning service remotely or on-site.
We or our partners will provide 24/7 service via phone and internet to solve common problems.
We or our partners will send engineers or technicians to your site to provide on-site technical support if necessary.
We or our local partners will provide paid services for life when the following occurs:
1). Malfunctions arise when the product is disassembled by an operator without proper training or authorization.
2). Malfunctions caused by incorrect operation or poor working conditions.
3). Damage resulting from lighting or other natural disasters.
4). Any problem outside the warranty period.

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Send an inquiry

Does your facility need assistance with industrial water, wastewater, process separation, filtration treatment solutions, or industrial and commercial water filtration plants.
We are happy to have you visit us and we look forward to meeting your needs.
Seek expert opinions and assistance for your next project by asking our engineers a question.
We are ready to help your facility understand everything related to finding the ideal water solutions

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The company designs and manufactures a wide range of water, wastewater and industrial wastewater treatment equipment to serve many industries and markets. The scope of work includes research, development and sales of wastewater treatment plants, industrial wastewater, the water purification industry, filtration solutions for the oil and gas industry, and after-sales service. For reverse osmosis equipment, ultrafiltration equipment, water desalination systems and chemical water treatment services, And electrical and mechanical engineering works, consulting services and internally accredited laboratory analyzes for licensing practices, and consulting services for infrastructure, tailored structural planning, building construction, civil engineering, project management, concessions, operation, contracting and integrated construction in residential, administrative and commercial projects.

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